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Tangent lines between `p` and the ellipse.

If `p` is on the ellipse, returns the tangent line through point `p`.
Otherwise, returns the tangent line(s) from `p` to the ellipse, or
None if no tangent line is possible (e.g., `p` inside ellipse).


p : Point(more...)

src/s/y/sympy-HEAD/sympy/geometry/tests/test_geometry.py   sympy(Download)
    p1_2 = p2 + Point(half, 0)
    p1_3 = p2 + Point(0, 1)
    assert e1.tangent_lines(p4) == c1.tangent_lines(p4)
    assert e2.tangent_lines(p1_2) == [Line(p1_2, p2 + Point(half, 1))]
    assert e2.tangent_lines(p1_3) == [Line(p1_3, p2 + Point(half, 1))]
    assert c1.tangent_lines(p1_1) == [Line(p1_1, Point(0, sqrt(2)))]
    assert c1.tangent_lines(p1) == []