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An exception raised by classes in the geometry module.

src/s/y/sympy-HEAD/sympy/geometry/tests/test_geometry.py   sympy(Download)
from sympy import (Abs, C, Dummy, Rational, Float, S, Symbol, cos, oo, pi,
                   simplify, sin, sqrt, symbols, tan)
from sympy.geometry import (Circle, Curve, Ellipse, GeometryError, Line, Point,
                            Polygon, Ray, RegularPolygon, Segment, Triangle,
                            are_similar, convex_hull, intersection, centroid)

src/s/y/sympy-polys-HEAD/sympy/geometry/tests/test_geometry.py   sympy-polys(Download)
from sympy import Symbol, Rational, sqrt, pi, cos, oo, simplify, Real, raises
from sympy.geometry import Point, Polygon, convex_hull, Segment, \
        RegularPolygon, Circle, Ellipse, GeometryError, Line, intersection, \
        Ray, Triangle, are_similar, Curve