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Substitutes old for new in an expression after sympifying args.

`args` is either:
  - two arguments, e.g. foo.subs(old, new)
  - one iterable argument, e.g. foo.subs(iterable). The iterable may be
     o an iterable container with (old, new) pairs. In this case the
       replacements are processed in the order given with successive
       patterns possibly affecting replacements already made.
     o a dict or set whose key/value items correspond to old/new pairs.
       In this case the old/new pairs will be sorted by op count and in(more...)

src/s/y/sympy-HEAD/sympy/geometry/tests/test_geometry.py   sympy(Download)
              Ellipse(p, 3, 4)]:
        assert 'y' in str(o.subs(x, y))
    assert p.subs({x: 1}) == Point(1, 2)
    assert Point(1, 2).subs(Point(1, 2), Point(3, 4)) == Point(3, 4)
    assert Point(1, 2).subs((1, 2), Point(3, 4)) == Point(3, 4)