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src/s/y/sympy-polys-HEAD/sympy/integrals/integrals.py   sympy-polys(Download)
from sympy.integrals.deltafunctions import deltaintegrate
from sympy.integrals.rationaltools import ratint
from sympy.integrals.risch import heurisch
from sympy.utilities import threaded, flatten
from sympy.utilities.iterables import make_list
            # fall back to the more general algorithm
            h = heurisch(g, x, hints=[])
            # if we failed maybe it was because we had

src/s/y/sympy-polys-HEAD/sympy/integrals/tests/test_risch.py   sympy-polys(Download)
from sympy import Rational, sqrt, symbols, sin, exp, log, sinh, cosh, cos, pi, \
    I, S, erf, tan, asin, asinh, acos, acosh, Function, Derivative, diff, simplify
from sympy.integrals.risch import heurisch, components
from sympy.utilities.pytest import XFAIL, skip
def test_heurisch_polynomials():
    assert heurisch(1, x) == x
    assert heurisch(x, x) == x**2/2
    assert heurisch(x**17, x) == x**18/18
def test_heurisch_fractions():
    assert heurisch(1/x, x) == log(x)