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An mpf instance holds a real-valued floating-point number. mpf:s
work analogously to Python floats, but support arbitrary-precision

src/s/y/sympy-HEAD/sympy/polys/domains/mpelements.py   sympy(Download)
from sympy.polys.domains.domainelement import DomainElement
from sympy.mpmath.ctx_mp_python import PythonMPContext, _mpf, _mpc, _constant
from sympy.mpmath.libmp import (MPZ_ONE, fzero, fone, finf, fninf, fnan,
    round_nearest, mpf_mul, mpf_abs, mpf_lt, mpc_abs, repr_dps, int_types,
class RealElement(_mpf, DomainElement):
    """An element of a real domain. """
    __slots__ = ['__mpf__']