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        def mpf_mod(s, t, prec, rnd=round_fast):
    ssign, sman, sexp, sbc = s
    tsign, tman, texp, tbc = t
    if ((not sman) and sexp) or ((not tman) and texp):
        return fnan
    # Important special case: do nothing if t is larger
    if ssign == tsign and texp > sexp+sbc:
        return s
    # Another important special case: this allows us to do e.g. x % 1.0
    # to find the fractional part of x, and it will work when x is huge.
    if tman == 1 and sexp > texp+tbc:
        return fzero
    base = min(sexp, texp)
    sman = (-1)**ssign * sman
    tman = (-1)**tsign * tman
    man = (sman << (sexp-base)) % (tman << (texp-base))
    if man >= 0:
        sign = 0
        man = -man
        sign = 1
    return normalize(sign, man, base, bitcount(man), prec, rnd)

src/s/y/sympy-polys-HEAD/sympy/core/numbers.py   sympy-polys(Download)
    def __mod__(self, other):
        if isinstance(other, Number):
            rhs, prec = other._as_mpf_op(self._prec)
            return Real._new(mlib.mpf_mod(self._mpf_, rhs, prec, rnd), prec)
        return Number.__mod__(self, other)