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This interface implements the convergence acceleration of alternating series
as described in H. Cohen, F.R. Villegas, D. Zagier - "Convergence Acceleration
of Alternating Series". This series transformation works only well if the
individual terms of the series have an alternating sign. It belongs to the
class of linear series transformations (in contrast to the Shanks/Wynn-epsilon
or Levin transform). This series transformation is also able to sum some types
of divergent series. See the paper under which conditions this resummation is
mathematical sound.

Let *A* be the series we want to sum:(more...)

src/s/y/sympy-0.7.5/sympy/mpmath/tests/test_levin.py   sympy(Download)
def test_cohen_alt_0():
    mp.dps = 17
    AC = mp.cohen_alt()
    S, s, n = [], 0, 1
    while 1:
def test_cohen_alt_1():
    mp.dps = 17
    A = []
    AC = mp.cohen_alt()
    n = 1