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src/s/y/sympy_gamma-HEAD/app/logic/utils.py   sympy_gamma(Download)
        return string
from sympy.parsing.sympy_parser import (
    AppliedFunction, implicit_multiplication, split_symbols,
    function_exponentiation, implicit_application, OP, NAME,
        if (isinstance(tok, AppliedFunction) and
              isinstance(nextTok, AppliedFunction)):
            result.append((OP, '*'))
        elif (isinstance(tok, AppliedFunction) and
              nextTok[0] == OP and nextTok[1] == '('):
                # (making it context-sensitive based on input function best)
            result.append((OP, '*'))
        elif (tok[0] == OP and tok[1] == ')' and
              isinstance(nextTok, AppliedFunction)):