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Returns the angular velocity Vector of the ReferenceFrame.

Effectively returns the Vector:
^N omega ^B
which represent the angular velocity of B in N, where B is self, and
N is otherframe.


src/s/y/sympy-HEAD/sympy/physics/mechanics/tests/test_essential.py   sympy(Download)
    A2 = N.orientnew('A2', 'Axis', [q4, N.y])
    assert N.ang_vel_in(N) == 0
    assert N.ang_vel_in(A) == -q1d*N.z
    assert N.ang_vel_in(B) == -q1d*A.z - q2d*B.x
    assert N.ang_vel_in(C) == -q1d*A.z - q2d*B.x - q3d*B.y
    assert N.ang_vel_in(A2) == -q4d*N.y