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Defines the orientation of this frame relative to a parent frame.


parent : ReferenceFrame
    The frame that this ReferenceFrame will have its orientation matrix
    defined in relation to.
rot_type : str
    The type of orientation matrix that is being created. Supported(more...)

src/p/y/pydy-tutorial-pycon-2014-HEAD/notebooks/solution/kinematics.py   pydy-tutorial-pycon-2014(Download)
lower_leg_frame = ReferenceFrame('L')
lower_leg_frame.orient(inertial_frame, 'Axis', (theta1, inertial_frame.z))
upper_leg_frame = ReferenceFrame('U')
upper_leg_frame.orient(lower_leg_frame, 'Axis', (theta2, lower_leg_frame.z))
torso_frame = ReferenceFrame('T')
torso_frame.orient(upper_leg_frame, 'Axis', (theta3, upper_leg_frame.z))
# Point Locations

src/p/y/pydy-code-gen-0.1.0/pydy_code_gen/tests/whipple.py   pydy-code-gen(Download)
# rear frame yaw
A.orient(N, 'Axis', (q3, N['3']))
# rear frame roll
B.orient(A, 'Axis', (q4, A['1']))
# rear frame pitch
C.orient(B, 'Axis', (q5, B['2']))
# front frame steer
E.orient(C, 'Axis', (q7, C['3']))

src/s/y/sympy-HEAD/sympy/physics/mechanics/tests/test_kane.py   sympy(Download)
    A = ReferenceFrame('A')
    A.orient(N, 'Axis', [-q2, N.z])
    A.set_ang_vel(N, -u2 * N.z)