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        def _check_vector(other):
    if not isinstance(other, Vector):
        other = sympify(other)
        if other != S(0):
            raise TypeError('A Vector must be supplied')
            other = Vector([])
    return other

src/s/y/sympy-HEAD/sympy/physics/mechanics/point.py   sympy(Download)
from __future__ import print_function, division
__all__ = ['Point']
from sympy.physics.mechanics.essential import _check_frame, _check_vector
        if not isinstance(name, str):
            raise TypeError('Must supply a valid name')
        value = _check_vector(value)
        p = Point(name)
        p.set_pos(self, value)
        value = _check_vector(value)
        self._acc_dict.update({frame: value})
        value = _check_vector(value)
        self._pos_dict.update({otherpoint: value})
        value = _check_vector(value)
        self._vel_dict.update({frame: value})