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src/s/y/synnefo-HEAD/snf-cyclades-app/synnefo/api/servers.py   synnefo(Download)
    volume = get_volume(user_id, volume_id, for_update=True,
    vm = server_attachments.detach_volume(vm, volume)
    # TODO: Check volume state, send job to detach volume
    return HttpResponse(status=202)

src/s/y/synnefo-HEAD/snf-cyclades-app/synnefo/volume/volumes.py   synnefo(Download)
    # Deleting a detached volume is not implemented.
    if volume.machine_id is not None:
        server_attachments.detach_volume(volume.machine, volume)
        log.info("Detach volume '%s' from server '%s', job: %s",
                 volume.id, volume.machine_id, volume.backendjobid)