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src/s/y/synnefo-HEAD/snf-tools/synnefo_tools/burnin/images_tests.py   synnefo(Download)
    def test_001_list_images(self):
        """Test simple image list actually returns images"""
        self.simple_images = self._get_list_of_images(detail=False)
        self.assertGreater(len(self.simple_images), 0)
    def test_002_list_images_detailed(self):
        """Test detailed image list is the same length as simple list"""
        self.detailed_images = self._get_list_of_images(detail=True)
        # Check that image is registered
        self.info("Checking that image has been registered")
        images = self._get_list_of_images(detail=True)
        images = [i for i in images if i['location'] == location]
        self.assertEqual(len(images), 1)