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src/s/y/synnefo-HEAD/snf-tools/synnefo_tools/burnin/__init__.py   synnefo(Download)
        help="Show stale servers from previous runs. A server is considered "
             "stale if its name starts with `%s'. If stale servers are found, "
             "exit with exit status 1." % common.SNF_TEST_PREFIX)
        "--delete-stale", action="store_true",

src/s/y/synnefo-HEAD/snf-tools/synnefo_tools/burnin/stale_tests.py   synnefo(Download)
from synnefo_tools.burnin.common import Proper, SNF_TEST_PREFIX
from synnefo_tools.burnin.cyclades_common import CycladesTests
    def test_001_show_stale_servers(self):
        """Show staled servers (servers left from previous runs)"""
        servers = self._get_list_of_servers(detail=True)
        self.stale_servers = [s for s in servers
                              if s['name'].startswith(SNF_TEST_PREFIX)]
    def test_001_show_stale_networks(self):
        """Show staled networks (networks left from previous runs)"""
        networks = self._get_list_of_networks()
        self.stale_networks = [n for n in networks
                               if n['name'].startswith(SNF_TEST_PREFIX)]