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src/s/y/synnefo-HEAD/snf-tools/synnefo_tools/burnin/network_tests.py   synnefo(Download)
            self.server_b['server'], network=self.network)[0]
        msg = "Will try to connect to server A (%s) and ping to server B (%s)"
        self.info(msg, server_a_public_ip, server_b_private_ip)
        cmd = "for i in {1..7}; do if ping -c 3 -w 20 %s > /dev/null; " \

src/s/y/synnefo-HEAD/snf-tools/synnefo_tools/burnin/stale_tests.py   synnefo(Download)
        len_stale = len(self.stale_servers)
        if len_stale == 0:
            self.info("No stale servers found")
        self.info("Found %s stale servers:", len_stale)
        for stl in self.stale_servers:
            self.info("  Server \"%s\" with id %s", stl['name'], stl['id'])
            self.fail("Use --delete-stale flag to delete stale servers")
        elif len_stale == 0:
            self.info("No stale servers found")
            self.info("Deleting %s stale servers", len_stale)

src/s/y/synnefo-HEAD/snf-tools/synnefo_tools/burnin/projects_tests.py   synnefo(Download)
        new_project = self._get_uuid()
        project_name = self._get_project_name(new_project)
        self.info("Assign %s to project %s", self.server['name'], project_name)
        # Reassign server

src/s/y/synnefo-HEAD/snf-tools/synnefo_tools/burnin/server_tests.py   synnefo(Download)
    def test_001_submit_create_server(self):
        """Submit a create server request"""
        if self._image_is(self.use_image, "linux"):
            # Enforce personality test
            self.info("Creating personality content to be used")
            name = (str("GeneratedServerTestSuite_(%s)" %
                    img['name']).replace(" ", "_"))
            self.info("Constructing class %s", name)
            class_dict = {
                'use_image': Proper(value=img),