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        def cmop(form):
	if type(form) is not list: return ''
	if len(form[0])< 3:return ''
	if form[0][2] != -1: return ''
	return form[2]

src/p/r/proofcheck-1.0/unify.py   proofcheck(Download)
				if forms[i][0][0] in [42,43] or instances[i][0][0] in [42,43]:
				elif '' != synt.cmop(forms[i]) == synt.cmop(instances[i]):
				elif synt.cmop(forms[i]) or synt.cmop(instances[i]):
		for i in rang:  # Defined schemator under AND
			if synt.cmop(forms[i]):
				for ii in range(1,len(forms[i])): # Defined schemator
					if type(forms[i][ii])is list :