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Gets a list of all Syntax Ids and returns it
@return: list of all syntax language ids

        def SyntaxIds():
    """Gets a list of all Syntax Ids and returns it
    @return: list of all syntax language ids

    s_glob = dir(synglob)
    syn_ids = list()
    for item in s_glob:
        if item.startswith("ID_LANG"):
    # Fetch actual values
    ret_ids = list()
    for syn_id in syn_ids:
        ret_ids.append(getattr(synglob, syn_id))

    return ret_ids

src/e/i/einstein-HEAD/Python25Einstein/Lib/site-packages/wx-2.8-msw-unicode/wx/tools/Editra/src/ed_stc.py   einstein(Download)
        elif e_id == ed_glob.ID_INDENT_GUIDES:
            self.SetIndentationGuides(not bool(self.GetIndentationGuides()))
        elif e_id in syntax.SyntaxIds():
            f_ext = syntax.GetExtFromId(e_id)
            self.LOG("[stc_evt] Manually Setting Lexer to %s" % str(f_ext))

src/e/i/einstein-HEAD/Python25Einstein/Lib/site-packages/wx-2.8-msw-unicode/wx/tools/Editra/src/ed_main.py   einstein(Download)
        self._handlers['menu'].extend([(l_id, self.DispatchToControl) 
                                       for l_id in syntax.SyntaxIds()])
        # Extra menu handlers (need to work these into above system yet)
        # Lexer Menu
        self._handlers['ui'].extend([(l_id, self.OnUpdateLexerUI) 
                                     for l_id in syntax.SyntaxIds()])
        # Perspectives
        menu_ids = syntax.SyntaxIds()
        menu_ids.extend([ID_SHOW_EOL, ID_SHOW_WS, ID_INDENT_GUIDES, ID_SYNTAX,
                         ID_WORD_WRAP, ID_BRACKETHL, ID_EOL_MAC, ID_EOL_UNIX,
        if e_id in syntax.SyntaxIds():
            lang = self.nb.GetCurrentCtrl().GetLangId()
            evt.Check(lang == evt.GetId())

src/e/i/einstein-HEAD/Python25Einstein/Lib/site-packages/wx-2.8-msw-unicode/wx/tools/Editra/src/ed_theme.py   einstein(Download)
from profiler import Profile_Get, Profile_Set
import syntax.synglob as synglob
from syntax.syntax import SyntaxIds
        path = self.__GetArtPath(wx.ART_MENU, mime=True)
        if path is not None and bmp_id in SyntaxIds():
            if MIME_ART.has_key(bmp_id):
                req = path + MIME_ART[bmp_id]

src/e/i/einstein-HEAD/Python25Einstein/Lib/site-packages/wx-2.8-msw-unicode/wx/tools/Editra/src/ed_art.py   einstein(Download)
            # found in the bitmap provider.
            bmp = wx.ArtProvider.GetBitmap(wx.ART_WARNING, client, size)
        elif art_id in syntax.SyntaxIds():
            # Dont fail when requesting mime type icons, fallback to the system
            # icon for a normal file in this case.

src/e/d/Editra-0.7.20/tests/unittests/testSyntaxFunctions.py   Editra(Download)
    def testSyntaxIds(self):
        """Test getting the Syntax Id List"""
        sids = syntax.SyntaxIds()
        self.assertTrue(sids is syntax.SYNTAX_IDS)
        for sid in sids: