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This class inherits from the ``Parse`` object that provides the engine
to parse arguments from the command line, and it extends the functionality
to be able to dispatch on mapped objects to subcommands.

:param arguments: Should be the *exact* list of arguments coming from ``sys.argv``
:keyword mapper: A dictionary of mapped subcommands to classes

src/d/e/delgado-0.0.1/delgado/main.py   delgado(Download)
import pkg_resources
import sys
from tambo import Transport
from delgado import logger
    def main(self, argv):
        options = [['--log', '--logging']]
        parser = Transport(argv, mapper=self.mapper,
                           options=options, check_help=False,

src/d/e/delgado-0.0.1/delgado/server.py   delgado(Download)
import socket
import os
from subprocess import call
from tambo import Transport
import delgado
    def parse_args(self):
        options = ['--allowed']
        parser = Transport(self.argv, options=options)
        parser.catch_help = self._help

src/d/e/delgado-0.0.1/delgado/services/pytest.py   delgado(Download)
from tambo import Transport
import delgado
from delgado.server import Engine
    def parse_args(self):
        parser = Transport(self.argv, options=['--socket-location'])
        parser.catch_help = self._help
        location = parser.get('--socket-location') or '/tmp/pytest.sock'