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src/t/e/templer.localcommands-1.0b2/src/templer/localcommands/tests/test_localcommand.py   templer.localcommands(Download)
from templer.core.tests.test_templates import read_sh
from templer.core.tests.test_templates import paster
from templer.core.tests.test_templates import clean_working_set
from templer.localcommands import TemplerLocalCommand
    def test_add_available_with_package(self):
        """verify that within a supporting package, add is available"""
        paster(" ".join(self.options))
        # I would expect this to work too, but it does not, why?:
        # command_output = read_sh(self.cmd + " " + " ".join(self.options))
    def test_get_namespaces_from_egginfo(self):
        """verify that the current namespace package(s) can be determined"""
        paster(" ".join(self.options))
        os.chdir(os.path.sep.join(['plone.example', 'src']))
        # this should return a list of namespace packages
    def test_dest_dir(self):
        """verify the coorect destination directory for template generation"""
        paster(" ".join(self.options))
        os.chdir(os.path.sep.join(['plone.example', 'src']))
        dest_dir = self.local_cmd.dest_dir()