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src/l/e/lettuce-HEAD/tests/functional/test_runner.py   lettuce(Download)
from tests.asserts import prepare_stderr
from tests.asserts import prepare_stdout
from tests.asserts import assert_stderr_lines
from tests.asserts import assert_stdout_lines
from tests.asserts import assert_stderr_lines_with_traceback
        'Syntax error at: %s\n'
        'A feature file must contain ONLY ONE feature!\n' % filename
        'Syntax error at: %s\n'
        'Features must have a name. e.g: "Feature: This is my name"\n'
        % filename
        u"Syntax error at: %s\n"
        "Features must have scenarios.\nPlease refer to the documentation "
        "available at http://lettuce.it for more information.\n" % filename