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src/c/o/coverage-3.7.1/tests/test_testing.py   coverage(Download)
    def test_assert_same_elements(self):
        self.assertSameElements(set(), set())
        self.assertSameElements(set([1,2,3]), set([3,1,2]))
        self.assertRaises(AssertionError, self.assertSameElements,
            set([1,2,3]), set()

src/c/o/coverage-3.7.1/tests/coveragetest.py   coverage(Download)
    def assert_same_files(self, flist1, flist2):
        """Assert that `flist1` and `flist2` are the same set of file names."""
        flist1_nice = [self.nice_file(f) for f in flist1]
        flist2_nice = [self.nice_file(f) for f in flist2]
        self.assertSameElements(flist1_nice, flist2_nice)

src/c/o/coverage-3.7.1/tests/test_backward.py   coverage(Download)
    def test_iitems(self):
        d = {'a': 1, 'b': 2, 'c': 3}
        items = [('a', 1), ('b', 2), ('c', 3)]
        self.assertSameElements(list(iitems(d)), items)