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Fail if the two objects are unequal as determined by the '=='

src/v/e/venturocket-1.0.0/tests/test_listing.py   venturocket(Download)
        # ensure that the listing was stored properly
        self.assertEqual(headline, retrieved_listing['headline'])
        self.assertEqual(listing_id, retrieved_listing['listingId'])
        # ensure that the modifications were stored
        self.assertEqual(retrieved_listing['userType'], self._client.get_listing(listing_id)['userType'])
        # disable the listing
        self.assertEqual(1.0, score)
        match_found = False
        for match in listing2_matches:
            if match['listing']['listingId'] == listing1_id:
                match_found = True
                self.assertEqual(score, match['score'])

src/v/e/venturocket-1.0.0/tests/test_keyword.py   venturocket(Download)
    def test_get_keyword(self):
        word = "php"
        keyword = self._client.get_keyword(word)
        self.assertEqual(word, keyword['word'])