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src/p/y/PyWO-HEAD/tests/core/windows_test.py   PyWO(Download)
    def test_active_window(self):
        win = self.WM.active_window()
        self.assertEqual(win, self.win)
        # create new window, and check if new is active
        new_win = self.map_window(name='Test Window 2')
        self.assertEqual(self.WM.windows_ids(stacking=False), [self.win.id])
        # create window
        new_win = self.map_window(name='Test Window 2')
        # check order (newest/on top first, so same order)
    def test_no_match(self):
        self.map_window(name='Foo bar')
        windows = self.WM.windows(match='ABCD')
        self.assertEqual(len(windows), 0)
    def test_match(self):
        self.map_window(name='Foo', desktop=1)