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A tournament tracks statistics over a number of games and is
responsible for running the main game loop, `play_game`.

src/t/i/tictascii-0.0.3/tictascii/ticli.py   tictascii(Download)
#!/usr/bin/env python
from tictascii.ticlib.players import HumanPlayer, ComputerPlayer
from tictascii.ticlib.base import Tournament, Board
def main(raw_input=raw_input):
    player_collection = get_participating_players()
    tournament = Tournament(player_collection)
    wants_another_game = "y"

src/t/i/tictascii-0.0.3/tictascii/ticlib/tests.py   tictascii(Download)
from itertools import chain
import unittest
from tictascii.ticlib.base import Board, Tournament
from tictascii.ticlib.exceptions import MarkerOutOfRange, MarkerExists
    def setUp(self):
        self.player1 = ComputerPlayer('X')
        self.player2 = ComputerPlayer('O')
        self.players = (self.player1, self.player2)
        self.tournament = Tournament(self.players)