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str(object='') -> string

Return a nice string representation of the object.
If the argument is a string, the return value is the same object.

src/t/r/troy-0.0.3/troy/bin/nestor_skeleton.py   troy(Download)
            # wait for workload to reach a final state
            while workload.state not in [troy.DONE, troy.FAILED]:
                troy._logger.info ("whats up, buddy? (workload state: %s)" % workload.state)

src/t/r/troy-0.0.3/troy/workload/workload.py   troy(Download)
    def wait (self) :
        while self.state not in [troy.DONE, troy.FAILED, troy.CANCELED]:
            troy._logger.info ("waiting for workload (state: %s)" % self.state)