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The `PilotDescription` class is a simple container for properties which
describe a :class:`Pilot`, i.e. a overlay element.  `PilotDescription`s are
submitted to :class:`OverlayManager` instances on `add_pilot`, and are
internally used to create :class:`Pilot` instances.

FIXME: description of supported properties goes here

src/t/r/troy-0.0.3/troy/overlay/pilot.py   troy(Download)
        if  isinstance (param, basestring) :
            self.id   = param
            descr     = troy.PilotDescription ()
            reconnect = True
        ru.dict_stringexpand (pd_dict, self.session.cfg)
        self.description = troy.PilotDescription (pd_dict)

src/t/r/troy-0.0.3/troy/plugins/overlay_translator/plugin_overlay_translator_max_pilot_size.py   troy(Download)
        while (pilot_cnt * pilot_size) < overlay.description.cores :
            pilot_descr = troy.PilotDescription ({'size'     : pilot_size,
                                                  'walltime' : overlay.description.walltime})
            pilot_id    = overlay._add_pilot (pilot_descr)

src/t/r/troy-0.0.3/tests/unittests/pilot/test_inspection.py   troy(Download)
    for pilot_dict in overlay_dict['pilots'] :
        pilot_description = troy.PilotDescription (pilot_dict)
        overlay._add_pilot (pilot_description)

src/t/r/troy-0.0.3/tests/unittests/overlay_manager/test_create_overlay.py   troy(Download)
    for pilot_dict in ol_dict['pilots'] :
        pilot_description = troy.PilotDescription (pilot_dict)
        ol._add_pilot (pilot_description)