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. What exactly does classmethod do. I saw the documentation in
  signatures.py but I did not manage to understand it.

. What cls stands for? It is puzzling as when registering a
  workload in the examples we pass a single parameter. I suspect it
  has to do with classmethod and type registration. What exactly buy
  us a part oscurity and a very gray area in the phylosophy of
  language design?

src/t/r/troy-0.0.3/troy/workload/workload.py   troy(Download)
        # register this instance, so that workload can be passed around by id.
        troy.WorkloadManager.register_workload (self)
        # fill the workload with given task and relation descriptions

src/t/r/troy-0.0.3/troy/application/skeleton_application.py   troy(Download)
            # stage done -- add resulting stage workload (register first)
            troy.WorkloadManager.register_workload (stage_workload)
            workloads.append (stage_workload)