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src/t/u/turtl-0.1.1/examples/basic.py   turtl(Download)
from twisted.internet import reactor
from turtl import proxy, config
s = """\
# defaults is pulled out of the end results

src/t/u/turtl-0.1.1/turtl/service.py   turtl(Download)
            from turtl import proxy, config
            urlmap, filter_rest, port = config.loadConfigFromFile(self.config)
            log.msg('Initializing turtl...')

src/t/u/turtl-0.1.1/turtl/test/test_proxy.py   turtl(Download)
from twisted.internet import defer, error
from twisted.trial import unittest
from turtl import proxy
from twisted.web.test.test_proxy import FakeReactor, DummyParent, DummyChannel