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Return the distance from the turtle to (x,y) in turtle step units.

x -- a number   or  a pair/vector of numbers   or   a turtle instance
y -- a number       None                            None

call: distance(x, y)         # two coordinates
--or: distance((x, y))       # a pair (tuple) of coordinates
--or: distance(vec)          # e.g. as returned by pos()
--or: distance(mypen)        # where mypen is another turtle(more...)

src/p/h/PhysicalTurtle-0.4/physicalturtle/turtle_main.py   PhysicalTurtle(Download)
# turtle functions
from turtle import (
    back, backward, begin_fill, begin_poly, bk,
    circle, clear, clearstamp, clearstamps, clone, color,