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Go into mainloop until the mouse is clicked.

No arguments.

Bind bye() method to mouseclick on TurtleScreen.
If "using_IDLE" - value in configuration dictionary is False
(default value), enter mainloop.
If IDLE with -n switch (no subprocess) is used, this value should be
set to True in turtle.cfg. In this case IDLE's mainloop
is active also for the client script.(more...)

src/p/h/PhysicalTurtle-0.4/physicalturtle/turtle_main.py   PhysicalTurtle(Download)
# Screen Functions
from turtle import (
    addshape, bgcolor, bgpic, bye,
    clearscreen, colormode, delay, exitonclick, getcanvas,

src/p/y/pyconph-turtle-HEAD/turtle2.py   pyconph-turtle(Download)