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Move turtle to an absolute position.

Aliases: setpos | setposition | goto:

x -- a number      or     a pair/vector of numbers
y -- a number             None

call: goto(x, y)         # two coordinates
--or: goto((x, y))       # a pair (tuple) of coordinates(more...)

src/p/y/pythoncourse-HEAD/homework/proj05.dir/turtleSample.py   pythoncourse(Download)
# to go to a new location without drawing any line
turtle.goto(0, 50)
# change the pen color to a random color

src/p/h/PhysicalTurtle-0.4/physicalturtle/turtle_main.py   PhysicalTurtle(Download)
# turtle functions
from turtle import (
    back, backward, begin_fill, begin_poly, bk,
    circle, clear, clearstamp, clearstamps, clone, color,