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src/t/u/tuskar-0.4.1/tuskar/api/controllers/v1/overcloud.py   tuskar(Download)
from tuskar.api.controllers.v1 import models
from tuskar.common import exception
from tuskar.heat.client import HeatClient
import tuskar.heat.template_tools as template_tools
    :type create: bool
    heat_client = HeatClient()
        overcloud = template_tools.merge_templates(fixed_params)
        heat_client = HeatClient()
            allowed_data = heat_client.validate_template(overcloud)
        heat_client = HeatClient()
        if not heat_client.exists_stack():
            # If the stack doesn't exist, we have nothing else to do here.

src/t/u/tuskar-HEAD/tuskar/api/controllers/v1/rack.py   tuskar(Download)
import wsmeext.pecan as wsme_pecan
from tuskar.heat.client import HeatClient as heat_client
from tuskar.common import exception
from tuskar.openstack.common import log