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This module provides some common functionality for the manipulation of
formatting states.

Defining the mechanism by which text containing character attributes is
constructed begins by subclassing L{CharacterAttributesMixin}.

Defining how a single formatting state is to be serialized begins by
subclassing L{_FormattingStateMixin}.

Serializing a formatting structure is done with L{flatten}.(more...)

src/t/w/Twisted-13.2.0/twisted/words/protocols/irc.py   Twisted(Download)
from twisted.persisted import styles
from twisted.protocols import basic
from twisted.python import log, reflect, _textattributes
NUL = chr(0)

src/t/w/Twisted-13.2.0/twisted/conch/insults/helper.py   Twisted(Download)
from twisted.internet import defer, protocol, reactor
from twisted.python import log, _textattributes
from twisted.python.deprecate import deprecated, deprecatedModuleAttribute
from twisted.python.versions import Version

src/t/w/Twisted-13.2.0/twisted/conch/insults/text.py   Twisted(Download)
from twisted.conch.insults import helper, insults
from twisted.python import _textattributes
from twisted.python.deprecate import deprecatedModuleAttribute
from twisted.python.versions import Version