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Wrap a L{IResource}, potentially applying an encoding to the response body

Note that the returned children resources won't be wrapped, so you have to
explicitly wrap them if you want the encoding to be applied.

@ivar encoders: A list of
    returning L{_IRequestEncoder<twisted.web.iweb._IRequestEncoder>} that
    may transform the data passed to C{Request.write}. The list must be(more...)

src/f/a/fastjsonrpc-HEAD/fastjsonrpc/server.py   fastjsonrpc(Download)
    @return: Wrapper that implements HTTP compression
    from twisted.web.resource import EncodingResourceWrapper
    from twisted.web.server import GzipEncoderFactory
    return EncodingResourceWrapper(server, [GzipEncoderFactory()])

src/b/a/BayesDB-HEAD/bayesdb/jsonrpc_server.py   BayesDB(Download)
from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.web import server, iweb
from twisted.web.resource import EncodingResourceWrapper
from jsonrpc.server import ServerEvents, JSON_RPC
root = JSON_RPC().customize(ExampleServer)
wrapped = EncodingResourceWrapper(root, [CorsEncoderFactory()])
site = server.Site(wrapped)

src/t/w/Twisted-13.2.0/twisted/web/test/test_web.py   Twisted(Download)
    def setUp(self):
        self.channel = DummyChannel()
        staticResource = Data(b"Some data", b"text/plain")
        wrapped = resource.EncodingResourceWrapper(
            staticResource, [server.GzipEncoderFactory()])