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Python unit testing framework, based on Erich Gamma's JUnit and Kent Beck's
Smalltalk testing framework.

This module contains the core framework classes that form the basis of
specific test cases and suites (TestCase, TestSuite etc.), and also a
text-based utility class for running the tests and reporting the results

Simple usage:

src/p/y/PySide-1.2.2/sources/shiboken/tests/samplebinding/modelindex_test.py   PySide(Download)
# 02110-1301 USA
import unittest
from sample import ModelIndex, ReferentModelIndex, PersistentModelIndex

src/p/y/PySide-1.2.2/sources/shiboken/tests/samplebinding/mi_virtual_methods_test.py   PySide(Download)
'''Test cases for virtual methods in multiple inheritance scenarios'''
import unittest
from sample import VirtualMethods, ObjectType, Event

src/p/y/PySide-1.2.2/sources/shiboken/tests/samplebinding/mixed_mi_test.py   PySide(Download)
'''Test cases for multiple inheritance in mixed Python/C++ scenarios'''
import unittest
from sample import ObjectType

src/p/y/PySide-1.2.2/sources/shiboken/tests/samplebinding/metaclass_test.py   PySide(Download)
from sample import *
import unittest
class MetaA(type):

src/p/y/PySide-1.2.2/sources/shiboken/tests/samplebinding/map_test.py   PySide(Download)
'''Test cases for std::map container conversions'''
import unittest
from sample import MapUser

src/p/y/PySide-1.2.2/sources/shiboken/tests/samplebinding/lock_test.py   PySide(Download)
   threads to run.'''
import unittest
import threading

src/p/y/PySide-1.2.2/sources/shiboken/tests/samplebinding/list_test.py   PySide(Download)
'''Test cases for std::list container conversions'''
import unittest
from sample import ListUser, Point, PointF

src/p/y/PySide-1.2.2/sources/shiboken/tests/samplebinding/keep_reference_test.py   PySide(Download)
'''Test case for objects that keep references to other object without owning them (e.g. model/view relationships).'''
import unittest
from sys import getrefcount

src/p/y/PySide-1.2.2/sources/shiboken/tests/samplebinding/invalid_virtual_return_test.py   PySide(Download)
'''Test case for returning invalid types in a virtual function'''
import unittest
from sample import ObjectModel, ObjectType, ObjectView

src/p/y/PySide-1.2.2/sources/shiboken/tests/samplebinding/intlist_test.py   PySide(Download)
# 02110-1301 USA
import unittest
from sample import IntList

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