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src/u/r/urwid_satext-0.3.0/examples/menu.py   urwid_satext(Download)
    def buildMenu(self):
        self.menu = Menu(self.loop)
        _menu1 = "Menu 1"
        self.menu.addMenu(_menu1, "Item 1", self.menu_cb) #Adding a menu is quite easy
        self.menu.addMenu(_menu1, "Item 2", self.menu_cb) #Here the callback is always the same,
        self.menu.addMenu(_menu1, "Item 3", self.menu_cb) #but you use different ones in real life :)
        self.menu.addMenu(_menu1, "Exit (C-x)", self.exit_cb, 'ctrl x') #You can also add a shortcut
        _menu2 = "Menu 2"
        self.menu.addMenu(_menu2, "Item 1", self.menu_cb)

src/s/a/sat-0.4.1/frontends/src/primitivus/chat.py   sat(Download)
            game = _("Game")
            muc = _("MUC")
            menu.addMenu(game, "Tarot", self.onTarotRequest)
            menu.addMenu(muc, _("Configure room"), self.onConfigureRoom)
        elif self.type == 'one2one':
            menu.addMenu(_("Action"), _("Send file"), self.onSendFileRequest)