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src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/common/commandline.py   digsby(Download)
def profilereport():
    import util.introspect
    return util.introspect.profilereport()
if getattr(sys, 'DEV', False):

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/common/actions.py   digsby(Download)
import logging
import util.data_importer as importer
import util.introspect as introspect
import util.merge
import util.primitives.funcs as funcs

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/gui/app/__init__.py   digsby(Download)
    def new(*args, **kwargs):
        if not wx.IsMainThread():
            import util.introspect
            # print the stack before we assert to be more helpful :)
            print >> sys.stderr, util.introspect.print_stack_trace()