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src/d/r/drizzlepac-1.1.16/lib/drizzlepac/adrizzle.py   drizzlepac(Download)
    # Insure all output filenames specified have .fits extensions
    if configObj['outdata'][-5:] != '.fits': configObj['outdata'] += '.fits'
    if not util.is_blank(configObj['outweight']) and configObj['outweight'][-5:] != '.fits': configObj['outweight'] += '.fits'
    if not util.is_blank(configObj['outcontext']) and configObj['outcontext'][-5:] != '.fits': configObj['outcontext'] += '.fits'
    _wcskey = configObj['wcskey']
    if util.is_blank(_wcskey):
        _wcskey = ' '
    input_wcs = stwcs.wcsutil.HSTWCS(configObj['input'],wcskey=_wcskey)
    if not util.is_blank(configObj['inweight']):
        inwht = get_data(configObj['inweight']).astype(np.float32)
    else:  # otherwise, define the output WCS either from user pars or refimage
        if util.is_blank(configObj['User WCS Parameters']['refimage']):
            # Define a WCS based on user provided WCS values
            # NOTE:

src/d/r/drizzlepac-1.1.16/lib/drizzlepac/sky.py   drizzlepac(Download)
    log.info('USER INPUT PARAMETERS for Sky Subtraction Step:')
    util.printParams(paramDict, log=log)
    if 'skyfile' in paramDict and not util.is_blank(paramDict['skyfile']):
                print '...Sky values already applied by user...'
        if not util.is_blank(line) and line[0] != '#':
            lspl = line.split()
            svals = []

src/d/r/drizzlepac-1.1.16/lib/drizzlepac/buildwcs.py   drizzlepac(Download)
    ### Build WCS from refimage and/or user pars
    if util.is_blank(refimage) and not userwcs:
        print 'WARNING: No WCS specified... No WCS created!'
    customwcs = None
    if util.is_blank(refimage) and userwcs:
        complete_wcs = True
        for key in user_wcs_pars:
            if util.is_blank(user_wcs_pars[key]): 
                complete_wcs = False
            raise ValueError
    if not util.is_blank(refimage):
        refwcs = stwcs.wcsutil.HSTWCS(refimage)
        refwcs = customwcs
    ### Apply distortion model (if any) to update WCS
    if applycoeffs and not util.is_blank(coeffsfile):

src/d/r/drizzlepac-1.1.16/lib/drizzlepac/imgclasses.py   drizzlepac(Download)
                xoff = 0.
                yoff = 0.
                if not util.is_blank(matchpars['xoffset']):
                    xoff = matchpars['xoffset']
                if not util.is_blank(matchpars['yoffset']):
    def clean(self):
        """ Remove intermediate files created
        if not util.is_blank(self.catalog.catname) and os.path.exists(self.catalog.catname):
    # Insure a valid value for hdrname
    if util.is_blank(pars['hdrname']) and \
        not util.is_blank(pars['wcsname']):
            pars['hdrname'] = pars['wcsname']

src/d/r/drizzlepac-1.1.16/lib/drizzlepac/pixtopix.py   drizzlepac(Download)
    im1wcs = wcsutil.HSTWCS(inimage)
    if util.is_blank(outimage):
        fname,fextn = fileutil.parseFilename(inimage)
        numsci = fileutil.countExtn(fname)
    if verbose or (not verbose and util.is_blank(output)):
        print '# Coordinate transformations for ',inimage
        print '# X(in)      Y(in)             X(out)         Y(out)\n'

src/d/r/drizzlepac-1.1.16/lib/drizzlepac/ablot.py   drizzlepac(Download)
        # define blot WCS based on input images or specified reference WCS values
        if not util.is_blank(user_wcs_pars['refimage']):
            blot_wcs = stwcs.wcsutil.HSTWCS(user_wcs_pars['refimage'])
            if not util.is_blank(user_wcs_pars['outscale']):

src/d/r/drizzlepac-1.1.16/lib/drizzlepac/processInput.py   drizzlepac(Download)
            # check to see whether we are dealing with moving target observations...
            _keyval = image._image['PRIMARY'].header['MTFLAG']
            if not util.is_blank(_keyval):
                if isinstance(_keyval,bool):
                    mtflag = _keyval

src/d/r/drizzlepac-1.1.16/lib/drizzlepac/tweakreg.py   drizzlepac(Download)
        raise TypeError('TweakReg() needs either "files" or "configobj" arg')
    if files and not util.is_blank(files):
        if input_dict is None:
            input_dict = {}

src/d/r/drizzlepac-1.1.16/lib/drizzlepac/pixtosky.py   drizzlepac(Download)
        dec = ddec
    if verbose or (not verbose and util.is_blank(output)):
        print '# Coordinate transformations for ',input
        print '# X      Y         RA             Dec\n'

src/d/r/drizzlepac-1.1.16/lib/drizzlepac/catalogs.py   drizzlepac(Download)
        cnum = 1
        for cname in self.COLNAMES:
            if cname in self.pars and not util.is_blank(self.pars[cname]):
        # Support for FITS tables needs to be added
        catcols = tweakutils.readcols(self.source, cols=self.colnames)
        if not util.is_blank(catcols) and len(catcols[0]) == 0:
            catcols = None
        return catcols

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