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'obj' is an instance of 'classinfo', but is not a 'str' or 'bytes'

        def is_container(obj, classinfo):
    """ 'obj' is an instance of 'classinfo', but is not a 'str' or 'bytes'
        instance. """
    if isinstance(obj, classinfo) and not isinstance(obj, (str, bytes)):
        return True
    return False

src/a/p/apitree-0.3.3/apitree/tree_scan.py   apitree(Download)
from .util import is_container
class RequestMethod(object):
    # ---------------------- Parse 'branch_location'. ----------------------
    if is_container(branch_location, Sequence):
        if all(
            [isinstance(item, RequestMethod) for item in branch_location]
    # ----------------------- Parse 'branch_object'. -----------------------
    if is_container(branch_obj, Sequence):
            return get_endpoints(branch_obj, complete_route)
def make_uppercase_tuple(value):
    if is_container(value, Sequence):
        return tuple([item.upper() for item in value])
    return tuple([value.upper()])

src/a/p/apitree-0.3.3/apitree/api_documentation.py   apitree(Download)
from .util import is_container
INDENT_STR = '    '
    def prepare(self, value):
        if is_container(value, Sequence):
            return self.prepare_list(value)
        if isinstance(value, Mapping):
            return self.prepare_dict(value)
    def prepare_listof(self, value):
        start, end = 'ListOf(', ')'
        iospec_obj = value.iospec_obj
        if is_container(iospec_obj, (Sequence, Mapping, ListOf)):