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src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/plugins/msim/MSIMProtocol.py   digsby(Download)
    def _wrapper(self, buddy_name_or_email, *a, **k):
        log.info('doing user search for %r', buddy_name_or_email)
        if util.is_email(buddy_name_or_email):
            email = buddy_name_or_email
            name = None

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/msn/MSN.py   digsby(Download)
        if isinstance(id_name, basestring):
            if not util.is_email(id_name):
                if id_name.startswith('tel:'):
                    return self.m_buddies[id_name[4:]]
        assert util.is_email(id_name), (type(id_name), id_name)
        return self.buddies[id_name]
            if not util.is_email(name):
                raise AssertionError('Bad buddy name! %r' % name)
        except AssertionError:

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/yahoo/YahooProtocol.py   digsby(Download)
from util.observe import ObservableDict
from util import Storage, callsback, DefaultCallback, threaded, Timer, \
    is_email, traceguard, groupify, UrlQuery
from util.xml_tag import tag
    def email_hint(cls, contact):
        if is_email(contact.name):
            return contact.name
            return contact.name + '@yahoo.com'

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/gui/imwin/imwin_tofrom.py   digsby(Download)
from common import profile
from common.sms import normalize_sms
from util import repeat_guard, is_email, traceguard
from util.primitives.funcs import Delegate
from util.callbacks import wxcall
        emails = list(emails) if emails is not None else []
        if not is_email(email):
            MessageBox(_('Please enter a valid email address (ie: john123@digsby.com)'),
                       _('Invalid Email Address'), style = wx.ICON_ERROR)

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/gui/pref/pg_privacy.py   digsby(Download)
    def validate(self, _str):
        import util
        return util.is_email(_str)
class MSNBlockListEditor(MSNListEditor):

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/msn/MSNBuddies.py   digsby(Download)
        if not buddy: raise NameError
        if (util.is_email(buddy) and self in (self.protocol.buddies, self.protocol.circle_buddies)):
                return dict.__getitem__(self, buddy)

src/d/i/digsby-HEAD/digsby/src/yahoo/yahoobuddy.py   digsby(Download)
from operator import attrgetter
from util.cacheable import cproperty
from util import odict, is_email
from util.primitives.funcs import do
from util.callbacks import callsback