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        def is_ordered_iterator(x):
    return isinstance(x, (list, tuple))

src/a/p/ape-HEAD/old/computation.py   ape(Download)
import itertools
from collections import defaultdict
from graph import Node
from util import is_ordered_iterator
    def type_check(self):
        assert is_ordered_iterator(self.inputs)
        assert is_ordered_iterator(self.outputs)
        assert len(self.inputs)>0 and len(self.outputs)>0
    def type_check(self):
        if self.from_job:
            assert isinstance(self.from_job, Job)
        #assert is_ordered_iterator(self.from_job)
        assert is_ordered_iterator(self.to_jobs)

src/a/p/ape-HEAD/old/theano_infrastructure.py   ape(Download)
from graph import Node
from util import is_ordered_iterator, host_name
from theano_computation import (TheanoVariable, TheanoArrayVariable, TheanoJob,
        Variable, Job)
from infrastructure import Worker, Wire