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        def is_public(subdomain, page_id):
    collaboration = load_resource(subdomain,
    if not collaboration:
        # same as its parent
        page = load_resource(subdomain, 'pages/{}'.format(int(page_id)))
        parent_id = page['page']['relation_is_part_of']
        if not parent_id:
            return True
        return is_public(subdomain, parent_id)
    for item in collaboration:
        if (item['collaboration']['access_rights'] == 'reader' and
                item['collaboration']['rights_holder'] == 'everybody'):
            return True
    return False

src/a/n/another-springnote-HEAD/src/convert_mediawiki.py   another-springnote(Download)
    for entry in pages:
        id_ = entry['page']['identifier']
        fp = output_fp[0] if util.is_public(subdomain, id_) else output_fp[1]
        page = util.load_resource(subdomain, 'pages/{}'.format(id_))