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src/s/m/Smap-2.0.bcb1a7/smap/driver.py   Smap(Download)
    def __join_id(self, id):
        if util.is_string(id) and id.startswith('/'):
            return util.norm_path(self.__attach_point + '/' + id)
            return id

src/f/r/fragit-main-HEAD/src/template.py   fragit-main(Download)
    def _setTemplateType(self,value):
        if not util.is_string(value): raise ValueError("Template type is a string value.")
        if not filenames.has_key(value): raise ValueError("Template type '%s' is not valid." % value)
        self.template_type = value
    def _setLoadStructureString(self,value):
        if not util.is_string(value): raise ValueError("Load structure string is a string value.")

src/s/m/Smap-2.0.bcb1a7/smap/schema.py   Smap(Download)
def convert_uuids(obj):
    id = obj.get('uuid', None)
    if util.is_string(id):
        id = uuid.UUID(id)
    if id: obj['uuid'] = id.bytes