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        def islocalrepo(url):
    path = str(url) # convert once up front
    if path.startswith('file:///'):
        prefixlen = len('file://')
    elif path.startswith('file:/'):
        prefixlen = len('file:')
        return False
    if '#' in path.split('/')[-1]: # strip off #anchor
        path = path[:path.rfind('#')]
    path = url[prefixlen:]
    path = urllib.url2pathname(path).replace(os.sep, '/')
    while '/' in path:
        if reduce(lambda x, y: x and y,
                  map(lambda p: os.path.exists(os.path.join(path, p)),
                      ('hooks', 'format', 'db',))):
            return True
        path = path.rsplit('/', 1)[0]
    return False

src/h/g/hgsubversion-1.6/hgsubversion/__init__.py   hgsubversion(Download)
def _lookup(url):
    if util.islocalrepo(url):
        return svnrepo
        return _old_local(url)