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Return True if f exists and is the same in childctx and parentctx

        def issamefile(parentctx, childctx, f):
    """Return True if f exists and is the same in childctx and parentctx"""
    if f not in parentctx or f not in childctx:
        return False
    if parentctx == childctx:
        return True
    if parentctx.rev() > childctx.rev():
        parentctx, childctx = childctx, parentctx

    def selfandancestors(selfctx):
        yield selfctx
        for ctx in selfctx.ancestors():
            yield ctx

    for pctx in selfandancestors(childctx):
        if pctx.rev() <= parentctx.rev():
            return True
        if f in pctx.files():
            return False
    # parentctx is not an ancestor of childctx, files are unrelated
    return False

src/h/g/hgsubversion-1.6/hgsubversion/editor.py   hgsubversion(Download)
            if parentid != revlog.nullid:
                parentctx = self._getctx(parentid)
                if util.issamefile(parentctx, ctx, from_file):
                    copypath = from_file
        return self._openfile(path, fctx.data(), 'x' in flags, 'l' in flags,
                parentctx = self._getctx(parentid)
                for k, v in copies.iteritems():
                    if util.issamefile(parentctx, fromctx, v):
                        svncopies[k].copypath = v

src/h/g/hgsubversion-1.6/hgsubversion/stupid.py   hgsubversion(Download)
    for (sourcepath, sourcectx), copies in svncopies.iteritems():
        for k, v in copies:
            if not util.issamefile(sourcectx, parentctx, v):
            hgcopies.update({k: v})