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D.iteritems() -> an iterator over the (key, value) items of D

src/c/a/catkin_lint-1.3.4/src/catkin_lint/cmake.py   catkin_lint(Download)
import re
from .util import iteritems, zip_longest
from copy import copy
            for key, value in iteritems(save_vars):
                if value is not None:
                    var[key] = value
def argparse(args, opts):
    result = {}
    remaining = []
    for optname, opttype in iteritems(opts):
        if opttype == "*" or opttype == "+":
    while t_args:
        l = 0
        for k,v in iteritems(opts):
            kl = k.split()
            ll = len(kl)
            del t_args[0]
    for optname, opttype in iteritems(opts):
        if opttype == "+" and not result[optname]:
            raise SyntaxError("Option '%s' requires at least one argument" % optname)

src/c/a/catkin_lint-1.3.4/src/catkin_lint/checks/build.py   catkin_lint(Download)
from ..linter import ERROR, WARNING, NOTICE
from ..cmake import argparse as cmake_argparse
from ..util import word_split, iteritems
from .manifest import depends as manifest_depends
    def on_final(info):
        name_fragments = set(word_split(info.manifest.name))
        for target, output in iteritems(info.target_outputs):
            if os.sep in output:
                info.report (ERROR, "INVALID_TARGET_OUTPUT", target=target)
        if info.export_includes and not info.install_includes:
            info.report (ERROR if "install" in info.commands else NOTICE, "MISSING_INSTALL_INCLUDE")
        for target, depends in iteritems(info.target_links):
            if not target in info.install_targets: continue
            for lib in depends:

src/c/a/catkin_lint-1.3.4/src/catkin_lint/linter.py   catkin_lint(Download)
from .cmake import ParserContext, argparse as cmake_argparse, SyntaxError as CMakeSyntaxError
from .diagnostics import msg
from .util import iteritems
        pkgs = find_packages(path)
        found = []
        for p, m in iteritems(pkgs):
            is_catkin = True
            for e in m.exports: