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src/g/i/git-jekyll-preview-HEAD/jekyll.py   git-jekyll-preview(Download)
from os.path import join, exists
from logging import info, debug
from shutil import copyfile
from util import run_cmd, touch, is_fresh, locked_file
        return jekyll_path
    with locked_file(checkout_lock):
        do_build = True

src/g/i/git-jekyll-preview-HEAD/git.py   git-jekyll-preview(Download)
from os.path import join, exists, dirname
from os import getcwd, mkdir, environ
from logging import info, debug
from util import locked_file, is_fresh, touch, run_cmd
        environ.update(dict(GIT_ASKPASS='', GIT_USERNAME='', GIT_PASSWORD=''))
    with locked_file(checkout_lock):
        if not exists(repo_path):
            git_clone(repo_href, repo_path)