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src/d/o/dosage-HEAD/dosagelib/scraper.py   dosage(Download)
import os
from . import loader, configuration
from .util import (fetchUrl, fetchUrls, fetchText, getPageContent,
  makeSequence, get_system_uid, urlopen, getDirname, unescape)
from .comic import ComicStrip
        imageUrls = set(imageUrls)
        if len(imageUrls) > 1 and not self.multipleImagesPerStrip:
            patterns = [x.pattern for x in makeSequence(self.imageSearch)]
            out.warn(u"found %d images instead of 1 at %s with patterns %s" % (len(imageUrls), url, patterns))
            image = sorted(imageUrls)[0]
            out.warn(u"choosing image %s" % image)
            imageUrls = (image,)
        elif not imageUrls:
            patterns = [x.pattern for x in makeSequence(self.imageSearch)]