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        def make_slug(rawname):
    sname = rawname
    ic = string.punctuation.replace("_","")  # ic = invalid chars, we remove the underscore
    #remove all punctuation symbols
    for ps in ic: 
        if ps in sname:
            sname = sname.replace(ps,"")
    sname = ('_'.join(sname.split())).lower() 
    return sname

src/s/i/simplystatic-0.1.0/simplystatic/s2page.py   simplystatic(Download)
        slug = util.make_slug(rawtitle)
        if self.site.page_exists_on_disk(slug):
            raise ValueError
            # print "Cannot rename page. New title must be string or unicode."
        new_slug = util.make_slug(new_title)
        if self.site.page_exists_on_disk(new_slug):
            raise ValueError