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src/x/c/xcp-storage-managers-HEAD/drivers/LVMSR.py   xcp-storage-managers(Download)
    def attach(self, sr_uuid):
        if not util.match_uuid(sr_uuid) or not lvutil._checkVG(self.vgname):
            raise xs_errors.XenError('SRUnavailable', \
                  opterr='no such volume group: %s' % self.vgname)

src/x/c/xcp-storage-managers-HEAD/drivers/LVHDSR.py   xcp-storage-managers(Download)
    def attach(self, uuid):
        util.SMlog("LVHDSR.attach for %s" % self.uuid)
        self._cleanup(True) # in case of host crashes, if detach wasn't called
        if not util.match_uuid(self.uuid) or not lvutil._checkVG(self.vgname):